Photo gallery

Imagine yourself visiting our little paradise and be amazed of what Natura Vista has to offer! Slide through the many images, or click to see them in high resolution. Each carousel has its own theme, so scroll through each individual cottage and room and our delicious dishes. 

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The Kahayag  (Lightness) Cottage:

The Kaharuhay (Luxury) Cottage:

The Kabuntagon (Morning) Cottage:

The Kahayahay (Breezy) Cottage

The Kalipay (Happiness) Cottages 1 & 2:

The Kahiusa (Oneness) Cottage:

The Kilum-Kilom (Twilight) Room:

The Kaanyag (Loveliness), Kalinaw (Peacefulness) & Kasadya (Jolliness) Rooms:

Our Delicious Dishes: