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Get local and appreciate the bounty that our province has to offer!  Check out our home-cooked meals (click here).  Pescetarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Food Dishes can also be available upon request. Most of the vegetables we prepare are gathered from our backyard or the neighbor’s garden (which were tended by the local housewives with love and care) to ensure that they are organic and pesticide-free.  Dishes are also cooked using only coconut oil and soy-free coco aminos to keep your meals healthy and msg-free!

 KITCHEN HOURS: 7:00 AM-10:00 PM

We prepare food – especially dishes containing vegetables and coconuts – fresh from the garden or the tree, so please order from staff at least one hour before your preferred meal time.

Free breakfast is served from 7AM-11AM except when guests have to go to Island hopping at 5:30 AM, then breakfast can be served when they arrive 12NN-8PM.

Feel invited to get orders from our Main Menu, Breakfast Menu and Drinks Menu.

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